English-Ukrainian Phrase-Book for Foreigners. Англійсько-український розмовник для іноземців.

  • Автор: Зайковскі Світлана Андріївна, Адамовська Людмила Миколаївна
  • Видавник: Навчальна книга - Богдан
  • ISBN: 978-966-10-2455-6
  • Наявність:  В наявності

43,50 грн.

The main idea of the “English-Ukrainian Phrase-Book for Foreigners” is to give a foreigner a possibility to communicate in Ukrainian in everyday situations. The phrases proposed in the book are based on colloquial language used by Ukrainians in everyday life and are given by means of the English phonetic transcription symbols. The phrase book chapters cover a wide range of the most typical situations a foreigner is likely to meet. The book is the fi rst publication of its kind in Ukraine. Intended for foreigners visiting Ukraine.